5 Gallon Bottle Linear Filling Machine

We are manufaturing some of the best and most innovative filling options for HOD water bottle systems. The Pc bottles carried to the filling machine are centered mechanically and filling does not start if the bottle is missing. The filling process avoids the contact between the valve and the neck of the bottle. The filling valve and all the piping, valves etc. in contact with the product have a sanitary design and are made of AISI316 stainless steel We have options for both contact and non-contact filling, and can build filling stations that match the speed of your operation.

In the closed-down filling group, there are wide viewable and openable covers for the filling stages to be monitored.

The volumetric filling rate per bottle, which can be controlled on-screen by the production parameters, can be adjusted using the touchscreen.

Features & Benefits

  • Machine has a robust and solid design in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Easy to clean, robust construction, and low maintenance
  • The panel is complete with a touch-screen for the complete management of all the line functions, the display of the operating parameters and the alarms.
  • Filling the bottles with special inverter-controlled pumps.
  • The new valve guarantees a laminar flow and no contact between the valve and the bottle.
  • Non Contact 2 stage fill system provides accurate fill levels.
  • PLC base high & low pressure filling systems (to avoid spillage)
  • Ultraclean covering for barrel filling area
  • No bottle no rinsing no filling.
  • Compact design for optimal space utilization
  • The grippers have manually adjustable pitch to adapt to different bottle diameters.
  • Bottle counting and bottle stops


  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Filling zone cover with HEPA filters hoods
  • Can be built adjustable to handle both 3-Gallon and/or 5-Gallon configurations.
  • Ozone system
  • The filling management can be carried out by means of a meter able to guarantee an extreme filling precision.
  • Contact or non-contact filler heads
  • Ozonation in contact tank
  • All parts in contact with the product can be prearranged for 3 or 5 steps CIP (cleaning in place) sterilization treatment.
  • Inline and side-shift filling stations