5 Gallon Bottle Sniffer / Contaminent (Odor) Detectors

PC Bottles are reused after cleaning inside and outside of bottles. Sometimes, heavily contaminated PC bottles with gasoline, alcohol and etc return back to factory. In order to meet customer’s requirements, this odor sensing machine is designed to identify the contaminated ones automatically. The Konek Technology sniffer is designed to sample air from bottled water containers using a patented electronic sensor technology and return a pass or fail decision for the presence of chemical vapor contaminants.  It can be operated with HOD bottles typically in the 3l to 5 Gallon range made from glass, PET or polycarbonate.

The bottles shall be transported on a conveyor. The sniffer draws air from each bottle. Then the stopper is releases the bottle and waits for the next bottle. Failed bottles are rejected and automatically removed from the line. The bottle is pushed sideways down from conveyor. Konek Technology equipment has an effective and efficient solution to making sure your water bottles are as clean as clean can be. They reduce labor costs, promote safety and add consistency by eliminating human sniffing.

Sniffer has been tested with many ingredients such as gasoline, alcohol, cola, garlic, ginger, coffee, human mouth smell, diesel, motor oil, detergent, ammonia and many more.

Features & Benefits

  • Systems can be controlled as stand alone units or tied to filler and washing systems.
  • Reject and bottle stop included.
  • Detects odors from a large range of possible contaminants including hydrocarbons (gas and oil) and nitrogen-based contaminants.
  • Fully automatic control by PLC
  • Excellent sensitivity to various odor gases
  • Ultra-fast reaction speed


  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Multiple bottle size capable
  • Leak and contaminant detectors can be sold separately or combined into one unit.
5 Gallon Bottle Sniffer / Contaminent (Odor) Detectors
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 200-3.000 bottles per hour
Bottle size 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon
Air consumptation 20 L/min, Minimum 6 bar
Installed power Approx. 2 kw
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase