5 Gallon Bottle Washing Lines

5 Gallon bottled water business is the most mature water business. The water materials cost very less. And the bottle is reuse. The best way to protect environment, 5 Gallon bottle is rerecycle use.

Konek Technology’s core business is today represented by designing and manufacturing of complete lines for 5Gallon bottles, with a production capacity from 200 to 3.000 bph. The complete lines for washing, filling and capping Konek Technology bottles provide the most complete solution for the hygienic and efficient handling of 10 and 20 liter bottles, in all types of material, be it glass, polycarbonate, PVC or PET Konek Technology’s 5 Gallon, high-speed water bottling machines are built with proven technology. Our goal is to create an easy-use technology and equipment that will provide bottled water factory with the opportunity to provide safe water directly to all human beings.

Our systems are built to last and easy to maintain. We offer many options and solutions so that you can custom-build the HOD water bottling plant that you need without the custom costs.

Standard 5 Gallon bottling line includes the following;

  • Washer with fully automated wash and rinse cycles
  • Linear or rotary filler system
  • Capping – Press-on or screw cap options
  • Stainless steel conveyor
  • De-capper