Accumulation – Buffer Conveyor

We provide a wide variety of standard accumulation conveyor solutions, as well as custom systems that are unique to the product application. Our end goal is to provide creative cost effective options to help meet your demanding packaging environments.

With buffer zones identified, the combination of an accumulation table and controlled conveyors keep product flowing to machines minimizing short delays and maximizes throughput for the line.  Accumulation conveyors are used to control the flow of unit-loads. In today’s high-speed production lines, efficiencies are dependent on keeping products flowing. Accumulation systems provide a means of allowing production to continue by storing containers or packages when downstream stoppages occur. They can be controlled mechanically or electrically, can be contacting or non-contacting, and can provide low-pressure or zero-pressure accumulation. The accumulation conveyors are made according to the specific needs of each client and in relation to its product and palletizing system.

Our bi-directional buffer conveyor provides large storage space for products when normal production flow is interrupted due to momentary product blockage, malfunction or machine adjustment. When the blockage is cleared, stored products are automatically fed back onto the primary line at the proper speed. The accumulation conveyors are placed in the final part of the packaging line and have the function of accumulating the bottle or container so they are palletized either with palletizing robot or by other means.

Features & Benefits

  • Number of lanes selectable
  • Width & length selectable
  • Consult factory for custom requirements