Air Conveyor

Pet bottles air conveyors are conveyors designed to transport empty Pet bottles. They are most often installed in between the Pet blowing machine and the filling machine. They are used virtually in every filling line that works with Pet bottles. Built with the utmost precision, neck ring air conveyors lead the way in efficiency and handling.

The air conveyor is equipped with adjustable guard-rail which makes the machine compatible with bottles of different designs. It is also possible to adjust the height of conveyors, whereas the number of air blowers depends on the required capacity and the type of ventilators.

One of the key factors in order to have a well performing air conveyor line is the ability of managing quickly and accurately the speed at which the bottles move and to meet this important requirement.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-positional neck guides
  • Precise neck and bottle guide alignment reduces bottle swing
  • Lowest coefficient of friction available
  • Variety of high-speed merge and divert gates
  • Precision changeovers ensure immediate start-up following a format change
  • Faster and smoother operations
  • Blower units along with pre and Hepa filter
  • Control software ensures superior bottle control
  • Customize to container, shape and size