Bottle Washing Machines

Bottle washing is the process employed to ensure physically and biologically clean returnable glass bottles or Pet bottles, removing all old product residues, foreign objects, labels, glue and other dirt and thus produce a commercially sterile, sparkling clean bottle fit for filling.

Bottle washing has evolved into a highly automated process that requires a thorough understanding of many mechanical as well as chemical technical issues which can be very site or soil specific. A high cleaning effect is achieved by combining processes of hot-water immersion, caustic solution immersion, and various jet injections.

Our bottle washing systems are designed in detail to best meet your washing needs. The design also reduces the usage of resources by recycling recovered water and heat. Our machines are built and designed for optimal consumption, with insulation and heat recovery systems, rinsing with timed devices for reduced consumption, calibrated on the type and size of the bottle. Our cutting-edge, compact bottle washers can cater to a very wide range of bottle lengths and widths and are also equipped with a whole host of ergonomic features.