1. Case / Crate / Tote Conveyors

PVC or PU belt, rollers conveyors and modular belt conveyors and various of them designed for a wide range of throughputs and loads giving flexibility to any solution.

     1.1. PVC / PU Belt Conveyors

          1.1.1. Flat Belt Conveyor

          1.1.2. Curved Belt Conveyor

          1.1.3. Inclined Belt Conveyor

     1.2. Roller Conveyors

          1.2.1. Gravity Roller Conveyor

          1.2.2. Driven Roller Conveyors

      Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

      Lineshaft Driven Roller Conveyor

      Motor Driven Roller Conveyor

      Chain Driven Curved Roller Conveyor

     1.3. Modular Belt Conveyor