Company Profile

Konek Machine Technology is a company that offers processes, packaging applications and innovative solutions for beverages, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, personal care, cosmetics and various other products. Machine designs, special constructions, production and assembly works are done in line with customer needs. We are in constant contact with our customers before and after sales. In this direction, full support is provided in the aftermarket area covering spare part design, preventive machinery and service inspections. We provide our customers with high quality machinery and equipment thanks to the use of high quality technical equipment, company specific operating system, technical capacities and high engineers and technicians. In our work, we benefit from the combination of machine, control and process engineering to achieve optimum results.

We work with our resources to solve problems in changing market conditions and to meet the needs of our customers. Konek Makina Teknoloji aims to become a partner by sharing the same values ​​as its customers and always being a partner.