Handling System

Handling systems ultimately ensures that your line runs continuously as required.  Konek Technology conveying systems are characterized by modular design and high quality components.

Handling systems are constituted at the heart of maximum security, line efficiency, optimum use of the available space, reduction in personnel required, minimum meintenance required.  Also for different range of products, formats and container types, we design flexible format changeovers, which in turn save time. Our conveying solutions cover all of the necessary functions of your layout project.

Plastic and Stainless Steel Chain Conveyors

Tab chain conveyor belts consist of plastic or stainless steel slats held. They are found in a wide variety of industries but are particularly suited to the beverage and canning industries. It has a high tensile strength which makes it ideal for long conveyers. This type of conveyor has a simple design and because of this, it provides a cost effective modular conveying option.


  • Can be side – flexing to go around corners
  • Hygienic – ideal for wash down
  • Positive drive is applied to belt
  • Ideal for ‘side transferring’ top heavy product

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belt conveyors are the most common in the industry because of the versatility of modular belting. Modular belts are very reliable and are widely known for their ease of maintenance. Metal belts are also available when high temperature is a concern. These modular solutions are suited for environments in wet facilities where washdown is required and minimal floor space is available for applications.

Air Conveyors

Air conveyor is to conveyor empty bottle by means of low air pressure to blow the hung empty bottles. This type of conveyor can easily convey empty bottles upwards or downwards to optimize the space. In addition, it won’t result in bottle toppling situation.

Takeaway Conveyor

Takeaway Conveyor improves the productivity of packaging operations by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location up to bench height, or to another location.


  • Flexible and fully adjustable
  • Saves time by enabling operators to have more time packing and less time moving finished product
  • Improves work environment by conveying the product to bench height, which reduces the need to pick product from filled bins
  • Low profile design maximizes existing work areas with limited space

Accumulation Conveyor

Accumulator conveyors provide a means by which product units may accumulate, thus providing time on the downstream end of a process line. Accumulators can move products horizontally, vertically or spiral accumulation in single file, mass flow, reflow and bi-directional configurations.


  • Continued production during downstream stoppages.
  • Allows for gentle reaction between critical machine centres.
  • Simple offline buffer system allows for easy synchronization between adjacent machine centres.

Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyor provides automation of production processes, increase profitability and saving of production space. These conveyor systems have already gained its popularity among food producers.


  • Long service life.
  • Simple integration into existing production lines
  • Auttomatic of the product infeed and discharge
  • Low operating cost.

Helical Conveyor Conveyors

The conveyor is mainly used for environmental protection, papermaking, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, beverage industries .it has the advantage of transporting the strong adhesion material, paste viscous and dense material (such as chemical raw materials, waste paper pulp, malt, sludge, etc) and easy winding materials (solid waste).


  • Easy and less to maintain
  • Long service life
  • Small width
  • Trough made by jacketing with a high quality of metal

Belt Conveyor

We offer Belt conveyor system to our clients that are used in bulk material conveying systems throughout the world. Following are the features of Belt conveyor system.


– Low energy requirements

– High reliabilit

– Capable of handling bulk solids

Roller Conveyor

We offer Roller Conveyor System to our clients. They are used when one need to side load, push off, accumulate a product or adjust pressure on carrying rollers. Following are the types of Roller Conveyor System.


– Chain driven

– Belt driven

– Line shaft driven

Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor is used for transfer of components on pallets, used for light, medium and heavy loads. Chain conveyor systems are powered by continuous movement of chain arrangement. Chain conveyors are ideal solution for horizontal and inclined movements.

Features :

– Rugged design for reliable and fault free operation

– Modular design – enables quick and ease of assembly

– Adjustable track widths