Double Output Glass Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic glass bottle washing machines are designed for high output and for cleaning very dirty bottles with labels and foils. In order to spatially separate contaminated and clean bottles, the this serie was designed based on double end principle, where bottle infeed and discharge are taken places at two sides for best possible hygiene. This machine is a very good example of how it is possible to cleaning massive quantity of recycled glass containers with high degree of cleanness. The modular designed glass bottle washers effortlessly aid you in getting refillable glass and PET bottle hygienically clean. They are double-end systems designed for beer, soft drinks, juices, water and other beverages and are suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The hallmark of the washer is above all energy and resource-conserving operation tailored exactly to your requirements. Boasting a hygienic and modular design, their infeed and discharge systems are simple and ultra-reliable, they have 4 rinsing zones.

Pre-soak and warm-up treatment: the bottles are warmed up by internal and external spraying treatment which allows to reduce energy consumption; moreover, the separate contamination removal decrease the contamination load for the caustic bath and consequently the cost of the water treatment.

Label detachment and removal: each caustic bath is provided with a label extraction system. Removed labels are reliably discharged from the machine to avoid recontamination.

Post-soak treatment and cool down: bottles pass through a post-caustic jetting treatment made by 2 warm, one cold and one fresh water jetting stations which totally eliminate soak residuals. The series of internal and external high-pressure detergent wash sprayings, performed using self-cleaning and self-centering rotating nozzles completes the bottle washing process.

Containers are cleaned via multiple stages of sophisticated cleaning procedures including pre-rinse, spray, caustic maceration and rebel removals. Glass bottle washer are highly flexible: they can be equipped with various features such as an automatic self-cleaning filtering system, fresh water flowrate control (according to bottle format), label extraction, and caustic section thermal insulation. Water consumption is kept minimum by means of energy regeneration and water recycling at every stage, resulting in a very energy and eco-friendly machine.

Features & Benefits

  • In order to meet maximum standards of hygiene, the infeed and discharge of the bottles to be washed by the washer are separated.
  • Electronic safety device on each drive unit to stop the machine in the event of overload
  • The hygienic and low-maintenance spray system. Rotating spray system, greatly improve the cleaning effect, and water consumption is low.
  • The filters to protect spray nozzle pumps
  • Electronic message display for complete and user-friendly check of machine functions
  • Control of drinking water consumption according to current machine output and bottle type
  • Low energy consumption thanks to optimum water and heat management. Minimized heat and liquid carryover results in noticeable energy and water savings.
  • Pressure and temperature indicators positioned on the machine front side and visible to operator
  • Construction material: AISI304 stainless steel and painted carbon steel
  • Configurable according to operational requirements thanks to the modular design system.
  • Compact design for optimal space utilization
  • So that cleaning and maintenance can be performed as quickly as possible, all double-end glass bottle washers offer easy access to all components.


  • Can be equipped with automatic filtering system.
  • Different pre-treatment options – including special solutions such as sand and glass fragment removal
  • Automatic concentration measuring and dosing device can be incorporated as optional.
  • Automatic press for collecting labels and recycling the detergent solution
  • Possibility to have a special loading module with pre-heating bath


Double Output Glass Bottle Washing Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 10.000-50.000 bottles per hour (depends on bottles size)
Bottle volume 0,33 L – 1 L
Water consumptation 75 L/h @0.5 L
Installed power Approx. 20 kw
Steam conditions 30-35 kJ/bottle @0.5 L
Pump pressure 3 bar
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase