High Level Depalletizer

The high level depalletizer is designed to receive bulk loads of empty glass, pet or aluminum containers on wooden or plastic pallets, and transfer each layer (one at a time) onto an accumulating take-away conveyor for transportation to the production area.

Automatic “push” depalletiser for pallets with layers of glass bottles, cans or other types of containers. The machine is composed of a two column portal structure through which the layer transfer trolley moves, fitted with mobile centring device, intermediate table and transfer trolley. The depalletiser can work at high speed reaching an output up to 180 cycles per hour.  As the software is personalised to the product and the needs of each customer with an operator friendly control panel, use is kept as simple as possible. The machine can quickly be adjusted to work with new products, be it a change in size or type, with minimal down time.