Hot Melt Glue Labelling Machine

Hot melt automatic rotary hot melt labelling machine suitable for processing round or shaped containers made of glass, metal or plastic. Automatic hot melt labeling solutions, ideal for pre-cut wrap-around label applications. Hot melt is designed for the application of paper or plastic wrap-around labels on cylindrical or shaped containers, by means of a hot glue system.

Suitable for a variety of cylindrical containers, this type of labeller uses a high quality hot glue jet dispenser. Another great feature of this machine is the fast and easy changeover. Entirely flexible, they allow to choose various labeling technologies on the same machine, through interchangeable stations with quick gestures. Production requirements are fully optimized. This labelling machine offers customers further flexibility thanks to its optional pressure sensitive labeling capability.

Main fields of application are: soft drinks, water, food.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot-melt labelling, only for wrap-around labels.
  • Electronically and mechanically jam-protected infeed/ discharge transfer wheels and infeed lead screws
  • Overall labeling speed is controlled by a variable speed AC inverter.
  • High and low sensors on glue reservoir with alarm
  • Low glue consumption due to the self-contained gluing system
  • End gluing ledge for perfect label overlap
  • Minimized conversion and cleaning time
  • The fixed magazine technology available on hot melt labelling stations allows to load new labels without stopping or slowing down the machine.


  • Stabilizer belt for square and rectangular bottles
  • Dry printer or thermal transfer printer
  • End of roll and roll break warning
  • Pressure Sensitive labeling head for combination labeling
  • Automatic label storage area
  • Plates operated with servomotors
  • Electronic orientation system
  • Labelling quality control system
Hot Melt Glue Labelling Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way  Automatic
Labelling speed Up to 600 Bottles per minute (depends on containers and labels size)
Bottle size Diameter 20mm-100mm / height 30-160 mm
Label size Width 10~200mm / Length 20~300mm
Label reel Inner diameter 75mm / Outer Diameter 300mm
Accuracy ± 1mm
Installed power Approx. 6 kw
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase