Inline – Linear Labelling Machines

The linear labelling machines are very flexible and are ideal for medium-low production. Self-adhesive labelling can encompass various types of labels to be used on low speed to high speed fully automated packaging lines. The selection of an inline labeller versus a rotary labeller will largely depend on the speed of the production line. Labeling machines, also known as automatic/fully automatic labeling systems or applicator systems are complete solutions for all industrial labeling tasks.

Konek Technology labelling machines apply self-adhesive labels to cylindrical, square and shaped bottles. Self-adhesive labels can be applied efficiently to all types of rectangular and cylindrical containers such as bottles, cans, ampules or vials as well as special formats such as pallets and cardboard boxes. Konek Technoloy labellers provide labelling for filled bottles, as well as jars or other containers you may need.

The bottles are transported by a conveyor or by parallel belts. Overbelt conveyor, synchronized with inverter to hold the flat and oval bottles on the conveyor belt during labelling process.

For our inline labeller range, we cater for application of the following types of labelling methods:

  • One sided labelling (label applied on one side of container only)
  • Front and back labelling (two labels applied 180˚ opposite one another on the same container using two separate labellers positioned inline)
  • Partial wrap-around labelling (covering more than half the size of the container surface)
  • Full wrap-around labelling (two ends of label overlap on container)

Konek Technology’s labeling machines also have several optional features, including separation, alignment, stabilization, review and rejection of individual faulty products, if necessary.