Integrated Neck Trimming Machine and Leak Tester

Our trimmer machines can bu used stand-alone or line-integrated. Each machine is designed with modular bases, rugged cobstruction, space consideration and easy service access. Also, we also provide our trimming machine in customized solutions as per with customer’s requirements.

It is usually installed after the extrusion blow molding equipment. Neck triming machines leaving clean bottle top surface for proper level fitting of caps avoiding leakages.

The machine is simple to work with yet provides efficient and fast production. The machine is composed of two main parts: the frame conveyor and the blade-operating equipment. Bottles are coming into the neck trimming unit. When the level photocell detects the bottle, the latter is captured and blocked by two moulds. The revolving blade is lowered with a vertical motion on to the bottle in order to abut its mouth. This equipment includes a particles extractor and avoids the contamination inside the bottle during the milling process. It achieves a perfect finish at high precision thanks to the servo-motorized milling unit. Neck cutting machine requires very low power, can accomodate range of bottle diameters on same machine and is almost maintenience free.

Products such as cosmetic and food application need a smooth surface on the tip of the bottle. It is widely used when containers are going to apply induction Sealing.


Features & Benefits

  • Minimal operator trainingrequired.
  • Fully servo controlled, which results in smooth operation with high accuracy.
  • Fast adjustmentreduce downtime and maximize uptime
  • Optimum cutting conditions by high speed milling head
  • User friendly & maintenance less design
  • Fast cycle time and product changeover by recipes and quick changeable masks
  • Increases efficiency and productivity for production lines.
  • It can workout for any shape like round, oval, square, etc. It is enable for unsymmetrical shape of bottles also.
  • Built to be reliable, trouble-free and dependable for years of operation.
  • Chip removal by exhaust fan in the head
  • protection guards as per CE laws
  • PLC with operator panel LCD



  • Camera checking system after removal of chip
  • Bottle height checking after removal of chip
  • Weight checking system after removal of chip
  • Optionally, a leak tester can be integrated.
  • Online ionized air cleaning of containers


Neck Milling / Trimming Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Approx production 1200-3000 pcs/h (dependeng on bottle features)
Container volume 100ml – 30 L
Diameter of the neck max. 80 mm
Maximum ovality +/- 0,5 mm
No. of trimmer heads 1-4 pcs
Installed power Approx. 3 kw
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase