Leak Tester Machine

Improvement of the checking system of the packaging production line will optimise the production process. Leak detection will thus contribute to efficiency. Leak detection systems include pressure decay and vacuum testing equipment used to find leaks and other defects in plastic bottles and containers.

Leak tester is a cost effective way to monitor good or bad containers and eliminate bad containers on production lines. Several industries ranging from food and beverage to automotive utilize leak testing equipment to identify defects and ensure product integrity. Leak detection systems can inspect up to several thousand bottles per hour, ranging from small vials to gallon-sized containers. Suitable for various plastic flat/square/oval bottles and containers. Single Head, Flying Head and Multi-Head Testing Units Available. Flying head units can be mounted over an existing conveyor line.

All of our equipment is constructed and tested in-house by our experienced engineering and assembly teams and is guaranteed to last.

  • High precision, can detect tiny leaks.
  • Non-destructive detection, no harm to the products being tested
  • Better flexibility, one leak tester can test different products.
  • Fallen bottle detection
  • Chocked neck sensing probe
  • PLC control, can store recipe for fast changeover
  • Password protected to prevent unauthorized programming
  • Production counter is helpful for recording production volume correctly.
  • Colorful touch screen makes the operation fast and convenient.
  • Can work independently or in line with the blow molding machine.
  • Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools.
  • Conveyor level is adjustable mechanically or via centralized height adjustment
  • Two or more head  models are available for larger production demands.
Leak Tester Machine Technical Features
Item Technical Features
Construction AISI304 stainless steel / Aluminium alloy / Painted carbon steel
Output up to 18.000 bph
Drivers Siemens/Schneider
Power supply 400 V 50 Hz
Installed power 1 KW
Operating pressure Compressed air connection 12/10 mm, 6 bar, 300 Nl
Noise Level Under 85 dB(A) (product dependent)