End of Line Solutions

Konek Technology offers ideal line end solutions for customers’ lines. With our customers, we are analyzing production lines together and producing alternatives that will improve performance. Ergonomic and compact line end solutions are being introduced to reduce operating costs and increase equipment efficiency.

  • Palletizer

Palletizing machines are systems which provide automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto pallets. Palletising systems save time and eliminate the need for heavy manual palletising activities at the end of the packing line and can therefore provide a very significant return on investment.

Konek Teknoloji offers a wide range of palletizers, from traditional push layer to cartesian system with reduced dimensions and the modern robotic cells customized to each facility. This range of options allows us to offer the most convenient lay-out, for different product types (bottles, cans, bags, boxes, bundles…) of the productive sectors, food & beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. Konek Technology offers a high number of high-tech automatic machines suitable for any kind of palletizable product both for high and for medium operative speed. The type of machine depends on your specific needs, like desired capacity, stacking pattern, pallet formats and stability of the product.

The palletizing systems can be integrated with pallet strapping and stretch foil wrapping systems. Our pallet strapping machines can provide the pallet with one or more straps and comes with the option of a corner board dispenser. Our palletisers can easily be integrated into existing packaging systems and are suitable for various uses. All Konek Technology machines are supplied with installation, maintenance and spare parts manuals; technical service and spare parts are available to assist customers all over the world

  • Depalletizer

Konek Technolgy depalletizers thanks to a wide range of equipment allow a remarkable operative flexibility also with combined use of different types of containers.