Linear Tunnel Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

Our automatic bottle washer has been designed following different small and medium user’s indications with low production (family winery, micro beer, etc.) it offers a great versatility and can adapt to the most varied range of requirements. The machine’s modular construction, allows to progressively increase its functions, the automatisms, besides the level of sophistication, inserting special sections of washing and/or of sanification.

The compact footprint reduces space required while maximizing an effective washing cycle. It also allows for reduced running costs (water, electricity, chemicals) while ensuring the glass bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Three-cycle rinsing allows flexibilities of various wash cycles such as fresh water, dematerialized water etc. as per the rinsing requirement of bottle.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple structure, stable function, easy operation and low maintenance cost.
  • The machine equipped with safety devices to ensure smooth and silent operation with high rated output.
  • A special clutch device is available for stoppage of the machine in the event, vials/bottle is overturned or over diameter.
  • Change parts require for flat bottles & if change of neck size.
  • Pumps are provided in the machine, which gives a full pressure to wash bottles properly.
  • High-pressure spray nozzles ensure perfect wash of bottles.
  • All parts coming in contact with washing zones / jet are made from AISI316 materials.
  • Machine is totally rigid and sturdy for continuous trouble free operation for long working hours.
  • Tanks and structure are 300 series stainless steel.
Linear Tunnel Type Automatic Glass Bottle Washing Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way  Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 300 bottles per minute (depends on bottles size)
Bottle size Diameter 50mm-100mm / height 80-250 mm
Water consumptation 400 L / Hour / Cycle
Air consumption 10 L/hour 6 bar
Installed power Approx. 5 kw
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase