Low Infeed Palletizer

Extremely economic and versatile model suitable for slow and medium production rates. Packed carton boxes enter the machine via roller conveyors and rearranged automatically into pre-programmed configurations. The entry of these palletisers is at a comfortable operating height, i.e. with entry height at approx. 900 mm. Once the required configuration of carton boxes are formed, they will be pushed laterally in to the stacking zone for layer stacking. The entire layer of carton boxes will be lifted firmly via lifting module and placed layer by layer onto the pallet underneath. This process is repeated several times until sufficient carton layers are achieved. Fully stacked pallet is conveyed automatically via roller conveyors. Reinforced bi-column design makes the machine the ideal solution to process heavy loads with high degree of stability even in the fast production mode. Adjustable product stacking height and configuration arrangement allow the machine to process your products in the best possible way. Very strong main frame with 2 columns, supporting one vertical chain driven trolley. Pack in feed and collation conveyor to present incoming product in the correct position for transfer onto the pallet. Mechanical pusher unit to sweep rows onto loading station. Pallet loading station, complete with guides, mechanical and pneumatic driven. Side opening stainless steel bed to deposit product onto pallet. Anti-fall device for lift trolley.

Our machines are designed and manufactured using top quality components suitable for a continuous use through the years with low maintenance costs. Konek Technology’s high infeed case palletizers combine the most recent advances in machine control technology with an intuitive interface HMI.

Your Benefits:

  • The main advantage is cost effectivness and minimal area
  • Maximum accessibility in the layer forming area
  • Low friction and minimum thickness transferring plates
  • Safety photocell according to the standard CE
  • Capable of being placed in any space due to its small footprint.
  • Can be adapted to a wide range of applications and palletize any product such as boxes, totes, packages, bags, bundles, etc.
  • Guarded by category 3 emergency circuit. Activated by category 4 safe emergency buttons, safety fence doors and muting light curtains.
  • Designed for minimum maintenance with components that can be easily accessed and with reduced need for support, for example using life-time lubrication. Special maintenance is not required. Although, according to enclosed machine manuals preventive check out has to be performed once a year and on this occasion eventual defects that occurred in the period from last check out have to be found out.
  • Pallet stability is guaranteed by layer interlocking, centering over the pallet and layer pressure applied from four sides.
  • Can be programmed by the operator to build various layer patterns. Changing form one layer pattern to another is instant.
  • Every gearmotor is controlled by an inverter providing smooth motion and fast acceleration / deceleration.
  • Smooth stacking motion thanks to two staged speed control technology
  • High quality manufacturing, use of standard and proven equipment maximize reliability.
  • The linear actuators feature a clamping device to prevent falls, enhancing the protection of the machine and its operators
  • Lifting platform is balanced with counter weight for smooth lifting and lowering motion. Componenets wear is also minimized for longer life in service.
  • Modular design to suit different line specification
  • Mulitple stacking configurations in single machine
  • Roller transmission system to suit different pallets
  • Due to the differentiation of the design in both size and operation, the machines have an excellent qualityprice balance allowing a quick payback on the initial investment.