Modular Belt Conveyor

Optimizing latest technology, we are engaged in manufacturing a qualitative range of flat top modular belt conveyor.

Modular plastic belts are made of plastic modules and are assembled in an interlocked pattern with hinge rods linking them together. The modular belt is a highly customizable conveyor chain. This kind of construction allows for a large variety of standard widths and even the ability to make custom widths if necessary. Driven by plastic sprockets, plastic belts have many qualities that food plant operators and designers look for. Based on the food application that is desired, each conveyor can be customized by size, belt type, and configuration, as well as many other options. Should they be damaged or become worn it is a simple matter to replace a number of the plastic sections and linking pins, thereby renewing only the damaged or worn section of the belt rather than the whole belt.

These belt conveyors are fabricated from high quality stainless steel and middle steel with powder coating to ensure corrosion resistance and better durability. Our range is available in different lengths and width to meet the variegated requirements of the clients. There are two main categorizes of modular belts; straight running and side flexing. Straight running belts are not able to go around curves, but need less complicated frames to hold the belt due to their increased rigidity, and tend to be less expensive. Side flexing belts cost more and require more complicated supports and frames, but have discovered the wonderful ability to turn.

From washing to filling to rinsing to inspecting to packaging to transporting, modular plastic belt conveyor has the versatility to fit many food production needs. Modular plastic belt conveyors are often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries because they can be washed down, however they are extremely versatile and can be suitable for a great many application.

One disadvantage of modular plastic belts to be aware of is that small items or loose threads and tags on the items being conveyed tend to get caught and trapped in the gaps between the plastic sections as they open and close, often with the result that they are damaged or torn off.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple line shaft driven systems
  • Modular plastic belts are easy to clean and very low maintenance
  • They are hardwearing, capable of being used in wet environments and they are easy to repair
  • Drive shafts with bearings, fixed return shafts
Modular Belt Conveyor Technical Features
Item Technical Features
Max. Load Transport of goods up to 500 kg/m.
Frames Electro-galvanised, stainless steel, aluminium
Max. Length Up to 25.000 mm
Conveyor Width Up to 1.500 mm
Belt Material Polypropylene
Velocity Up to 60 m/min
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase