Pallet Chain Conveyor

Konek Technology’ s chain conveyors are a cost effective means of moving heavy loads over long distances in a straight line.

Chain conveyors typically consist of multiple, parallel strands of roller chain used to convey unit loads. Pallet chain conveyors are used for pallets or similar heavy products or product carriers. The chain stands can be positioned according to the bottom support members of pallets and containers, often necessary for rugged conveying solutions.

Our powered chain pallet conveyor features duplex chain for high durability. Chain conveyor modules can also be varied in pitch and height to suit the needs of the application. Multiple strand conveyors can be used for carrying different load sizes and pallet types in the same system.

Chain driven pallet conveyors are comprised of 2, 3 or multiple strands of roller bush chain guided on parallel tracks. Chain conveyors with 3 tracks are used for applications with normal pallets and half pallets. Normally handles pallets across the chains. Available with 2 chain dimensions depending on wights, transportation goods etc. Requires 3-4 times as much energy to transfer goods compared to roller conveyors.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher load and wider range ambient temperature
  • Modular design for quick installation, which also means they can be modified or added to easily
  • Various gearings and a frequency converter provide adjustability of speed
  • Large and heavy items can easily be transported
  • They have the added benefit of a low maintenance requirement due to few moving parts
Pallet Chain Conveyor Technical Features
Item Technical Features
Load Transport of goods up to 2.000 kg/m
Frames Electro-galvanised, stainless steel
Roller Length Up to 1.100 mm
Module Length Up to 2.700 mm
Velocity Up to 20 m/min
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase