1. Pallet Conveyors

Conveyor systems are the highways of warehouses and distribution centers, allowing continuous material flow and a universal interface to all kinds of material handling equipment and manual operations. Our range of pallet conveyor products is based on a modular design, securing the benefits of economy in manufacturing and simplicity in installation.

A complete range of pallet conveyors available including: Roller, chain, plastic modular and gravity. Each system also has a wide range of options such as: type of drive, stoppers, angle transfer devices, end stop, etc. The flexible pallet conveyor system is designed to handle the full range of Euro pallet sizes as well as the popular cheap. The systems are remarkably robust, meaning they can endure the daily toil for years on end, without the risk of breakdown or downtime. The decreased need for forklift use reduces risk of injuries and increases efficiency.

     1.1. Pallet Roller Conveyor

     1.2. Pallet Chain Conveyor

     1.3. Modular Belt Pallet Conveyor

     1.4. Turntable Pallet Conveyor

     1.5. Pallet Transfer Trolley / Shuttle Car