Pneumatic Bottle Conveyor

Konek Technology offers different solutions of pneumatic conveying systems for the movement of empty plastic bottles particularly from Pet, PP and HDPE material. The pneumatic conveying systems are sturdy and deliver efficient results.

Most blow moulded items can easily be transferred by a venturi system. The items are carried through the pipe system by air.

The speed of the air can be controlled in such a way to minimize the impact on the items encountering the pipe system. Systems can either be designed to allow single bottles or blow moulded components to travel through the system or with larger pipes allowing the bottles or blow moulded components to move freely around in the pipe system. The large diameter refers to the pipe used as conveyor and is recommended for moving bottles at long distance. The bottles move inside the large diameter pipe without hitting each other too hard, therefore the bottles reach the destination without scuffing.  The large diameter pipe version can be also installed outdoor after insulation. The power installed to cover the long distance typical of these installations is minimal if compared to the amount of bottles or scraps transferred.

A wide range of products are available for customizing the system to the actual needs of the application. These systems are built in stainless steel but Pvc version of the pipes is also available and it requires low maintenance.

Typical applications include: transferring empty plastic bottles from the injection blow machines to the storage silos and from the storage silos to the unscrambler.