Rotary Self Adhesive Labelling Machine

The automatic labellers for self-adhesive labels are designed for the labelling of bottles, cans, jars as well as any other container, with cylindric or different shapes. All the machines can be equipped with a variable number of labelling heads, from one up to five groups – to comply with any requirement in terms of bottle dressing and production output.

Konek Technology rotary labelling machines use a carousel with discs to hold the bottles in position. This makes them faster and more versatile compared to linear labelling machines.

Konek Technology rotary labelling self-adhesive machine, is a multi-labelling suitable for the application of labels on cylindrical, conical, square based, oval and rectangular containers. The container rotation is driven by a traditional mechanic system involving a toothed sector system and a programmed cam. A correct and accurate application of each label is possible thanks to the holding heads (upper bottle holding turret) and the containers bottom holding plates.

For high speed packaging lines, a rotary self-adhesive labeller versus the inline labeller is most suited due to the speed of the production line. The operator setup is simple and offers precise placement of the label. (10)

There’s also a redundant system for labeling each rotary machine for a non-stop operation, which allows loading a new label to roll on the primary label as the machine continuously labels.

Konek Technology automatic rotary self-adhesive labelling machine suitable for processing round or shaped containers made of glass, metal or plastic.

For our rotary labeller range, we cater for application of the following types of labelling methods:

  • One sided labelling (label applied on one side of container only)
  • Front and back labelling (two labels applied 180˚ opposite one another on the same container)
  • Partial wrap-around labelling (covering more than half the size of the container surface)
  • Full wrap-around labelling (two ends of label overlap on container)
  • Neck labelling (label applied on the neck of the container)

Entirely flexible, they allow to choose various labeling technologies on the same machine, through interchangeable stations with quick gestures.

Adhesive labellers are self-adhesive rotary labellers that apply self-adhesive labels on cylindrical or shaped containers made of glass, plastic or metal with top reliability and precision. Thanks to their remarkable versatility they can be used in the most varied industrial sectors. Main fields of application are: beverages, mineral water, food, milk, chemical

Features & Benefits

  • Motion transmission by gears
  • Mechanical height adjustment of the upper carousel
  • Labelling stations adjustable in height and inclination by handwheels
  • Digital meter for precision height adjustment
  • Speed of the labelling units synchronized with the speed of the carousel
  • Base­frame complete made in stainless steel, with aluminum parts covered with anti­rust painting
  • Electronically and mechanically jam-protected infeed/discharge transfer wheels and in feed lead screws
  • Fully synchronized AC inverter drives
  • Touch screen HMI operator control panel
  • Servomotor-operated infeed screw
  • The non-stop application system provides a continuous self-adhesive label feed.


  • Bottle size changeover
  • By-Pass Conveyor By-Pass for non-labeled containers
  • Up & down safety guarding for front only
  • Non-stop labelling system
  • Mechanical, optical orientation system or with cameras
  • Labelling quality control system
  • Installation of coders and stamping machines
Rotary Self Adhesive Labelling Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way  Automatic
Labelling speed Up to 200 Bottles per minute (depends on containers and labels size)
Label size Width 10~100mm / Length 20~300mm
Label reel Inner diameter 75mm / Outer Diameter 300mm
Accuracy ± 1mm
Installed power Approx. 5 kw
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase