Semi Automatic Side Load Case Packer

This machine is a semi-automatic, modular, compact and flexible side packer, designed for low per minute production speed. This packer is a semi-automatic case packer that provides a lower cost, first step to reducing labor and automating the case packing process. Small and compact but with almost all the features of the big ones. This machine closes the gap between manual packaging and fully automatic casepacking.

The side loading case packer has been designed in order to pack boxes in a semi- automatic way. An inlet conveyor belt takes the boxes coming from the cartoning machine, and sends them to the layering device. The unit collates cartons or shrink-wrapped rolls with the required number and pattern before inserting them into a corrugated cardboard case. The preformed cardboard was positioned directly on the hopper by the operator. Combined introducer group using pneumatic pusher, which with the help of a guide of the case flaps installed thereto, ensure transfer process of set of product packs into the case. When the filling operations are completed, a full case detection device enables the case support to go back to its original position. The case, still opened, can be sent to an outlet conveyor or to an automatic taping machine in order to be sealed. This packaging machine allows the cartoning machine to run with maximum speed and minimum operator support.

The semi automatic case packers combines case erecting, hand packing and tape sealing into a compact and efficient work cell. A large variety of product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials can be quickly and easily packed in a large range of case sizes. Semi automatic case packer is widely used in packing products in food, medicine, daily chemicals and electronics industry.

The format change is funcional and it is carried out, where possible, using position indicators. Digital gauges and scales with pointers allow for a quick, no-tool changeover in as little as 5 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty welded tubular frame for 24/7 reliable and robust operation
  • Economical and flexible to suit various application and layout needs.
  • Wide product and case size range that can handle a variety of pack patterns
  • Flexibility of production due to quick and easy size change overs
  • Tool-less changeover completed quickly with hand-crank handles.
  • Reduce operational costs with a compact machine that can also be easily integrated
  • Easy access to all components provides for easy maintenance.
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • User friendly HMI touchscreen control panel allows manual operation of all functions
  • Intelligent control (PLC) of all machine functions
  • Full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics
  • Vertically compact solution allowing easy installation under low ceilings


  • Bar code readers, labellers, ink jet printers and much more can be added.
  • Customized infeed conveyors to handle multiple product types
  • Automatic size exchange tools for quick format change
  • Stainless steel or environmental enhancement packages (Explosion proof e.g.)
  • Clustered or automatic lubrication system
  • Construction is available in dry, washdown, or caustic wash-down options.
  • Optional integration of a case erector / sealer for a complete case packing system
  • Closing of case for optional seal or hot glue
  • Modem for remote connection and troubleshooting available.
  • High speed servo downstacker
Semi Automatic Side Load Case Packer
Item Technical Features
Working way  Automatic
Production speed Up to 200 cases per hour (depends on cases size)
Case sizes (L x W x H) Minimum: 140 x 140 x 150 mm / Maximum: 550 x 400 x 600 mm *Other size ranges are available
Construction Standard: Painted, carbon steel Optional: Stainless steel for wash-down applications
Installed power Approx. 0.75 kw
Air Consumption 20 Nl/Min 6 bar
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase