Sorter Conveyor

In warehousing and distribution, the purpose may be to ensure proper flow and sortation of totes and cases using high speed sortation, servo-induction devices, merges, accumulation conveyors, transportation conveyors and other equipment. It helps various industries in production industries (tyres etc), logistics, courier, industries/warehouses, where barcode is used. The Sorter help in sorting the object on the various aspects like weight, barcode etc. Destinations may be conveyors assigned to individual truck docks, truck routes, customer orders or other order consolidation assignments. It can be automatic reject the object if not matching the required parameter or simply the machine will stop if the undesired object comes in between. It can sort the object at different levels, different opening and transfer the material to required section.

Sortation systems are used when a fairly high flow of cases, totes or pieces need to flow to different destinations.