Top Load Case Packers

Top load case packers are typically used for handling packs such as bottles, jars and cans, which do not lend themselves to side loading. Our top load packers provide a faster means of effectively packaging your goods. Top load case packers are extremely versatile and can be easily adapted to load alternative packaging styles. Our top load case packers can be customized to meet your case load pattern and are designed for loading flexible or rigid products.

Konek Technology top load case packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. Top load case packing with multiple load stations offers a fast and effective means of case packing multiple layers of product. Top load case packers are used to vertically load products into the top of an open case, tray or Wrap around using robotics or pick and place systems.

Our modular pick and place case packing cells can fit in to any existing production line or be integrated as part of a complete packaging solution to include automatic case erecting, tray forming, sealing and robotic palletizing. Our top loading and product collation technologies ensure optimum interaction between product, packaging materials and machinery to create the most effective case packers for your application.