Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum conveyors are generally used for unstable empty containers, elevating cartons, and trays. We have also used vacuum assistance transferring small products through a conveyor end-to-end transfer. Regulated side guidelines enable transport of a wide range of products with different diameters and heights.

Conveyors are available in straight parts and curve parts. This type of conveyors can be used in many industrial processes; for example: Filling, labeling, closing, sorting, etc. All the conveyors may have single row or multi row construction.

Conveyor belts vary depending on application. The chains of the conveyor vacuum unit are perforated according to the type of bottle to be used. The size of the vacuum holes and placement in the tabletop belt is determined by the size, weight and profile of the bottle bottom.

For high volume applications, a silencer is available. For this type of conveyor, automation has been greatly refined so that, the vacuum levels can be set and checked according to the different sizes to be processed.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber separated from the conveyor belt frame to guarantee a better vacuum level along the whole length of the conveyor
  • Connections between vacuum chamber and conveyor fitted with butterfly valves so that the vacuum level in the bottle collection tracts can be adjusted
  • Blower for vacuum generation fitted inside an insulated and soundproofed steel casing