5 Gallon Bottle De-Capper Machine

The decapper is designed to remove the cap from the returned bottles. We offer manual, semi-automatic, and full-automatic solutions for decapping. From hand activated decappers to fully automated solutions, we accomodate everyone.

Automatic caps removal machine is specially designed for pulling out the recycled 5 Gallon bottle caps, with gently designed pneumatic clamping head to remove the caps without broken the recycled bottle by automatic PLC controlling system and the pneumatic system. The removing of the lid will occur when the removing head is moving down with pneumatic system and the lid is pulled up. The caps that removed from top of the bottle will be collected in the cap unit by pneumatic guidance

The PLC manages all automatic and manual functions and allows to records statistics regarding the incoming bottles. It is controlled and completed by PLC automatically through precise orientation with little manpower and low working intensity.

These systems can be placed directly over our conveyor or yours and easily adjusted to work on your 3 or 5 Gallon bottles. Other features include PLC control, auto pass through for non-capped bottles, and auto-reject for missed bottles.

Features & Benefits

  • Machine has a robust and solid design in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Designed for over conveyor mounting.
  • Right or left hand cap discharge models available.
  • The position of de-capping cylinder can be adjustable to accommodate different height of bottle.
  • The de-capping head is made by stainless steel AISI304.
  • The presence of bottles is controlled by photocell.
  • The pressure will be such that it will not damage the bottle.


  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Multiple bottle size capable
  • Bottle reject station
  • De-Sleeve is a device for removing compression film and can be chose as optional.
  • With infra-red sensoring system to check the caps for accurate caps removal
  • Optional no bottle, no de-capping
  • Audible alarm sounds if cap is not removed completely.
5 Gallon Bottle De-Capper Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 200-3.000 bottles per hour
Bottle size 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon
Cap dimensions 58 mm x 40 mm (Diameter x Height)
Air consumptation 10 L/min, Minimum 6 bar
Installed power Approx. 1 kw
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase