Innovative Designs

As Konek Machine Technology, the basis of our work constitutes an innovative perspective. Our R&D projects, supported by public institutions, ensure that we evaluate our innovation potential. We always go our way with the aim of being one step ahead and reflect our differences to our customers.

Ideal Solutions

  • Compact Design: Low work area usage and modular design
  • Gain: Fast return on investment and potential for increased sales value
  • Flexibility: Quick and easy format exchange
  • Durable: Effective performance in difficult conditions
  • Versatile: Service delivery to different sectors

 Global Competition

As Konek Machine Technology, our goal is to become a world leader company in the sector. In line with this goal, we are always in R&D work. Our quality, innovative, reliable machinery and equipment we offer to our customers are a priority for us.

News About Us

Our product catalog has updated.

The production of the new generation 'Handle Applicator Machine' has been completed.

Our web page has been renewed.

Our new workplace area has been activated for our workshops.

Why Should You Prefer Us?

  • Customer-centered approach
  • Innovation-based designs
  • High technical capacity and experienced staff
  • Hızlı servis ve kalıcı çözüm
  • Yüksek verimli ve performanslı makine/ekipman