Flexible Roller Conveyor

Cartons simply follow the twist and turns of the conveyor path without side rails or engineered curves. The flexible galvanized steel wheel conveyors are often used for jobs such as unloading trucks or buffer products at the end of a production line. They are easy to use and quick to adapt to a new application. The flexible gravity roller conveyor is a very versatile piece of equipment that can expand up to 4 times its collapsed length. The flexi conveyors are delivered with supports with castors brakeable in the direction of travel and rotation. The flexi conveyors are available with single or double number of wheels. Further, we also custom design these conveyors as per the specifications provided by our clients.

Skate wheel conveyors are economical and suitable for light to medium weight products with a flat base. This conveyor style is unsuitable for drums or bagged products with unevenness of base or snagging possibilities. We offer our clients flexible roller conveyor, which are used for material handling applications in different industries such as automotive, food and packaging etc. Made from premium grade components, these conveyors are renowned for robust construction and effective conveying of bulk material.

Features & Benefits

  • Height adjustable
  • Easier to store, takes up minimum space
  • Flexible and easily manoeuvrable
  • Steel rollers with steel ball bearings
  • Can be folded away for neat storage in minimal space when not in use
  • Self-tracking design allows packages to follow the path of the conveyor without using guards
  • Heavy duty retractable package stop prevents packages from falling off the end of the conveyor and can be dropped down when not needed
  • Structural steel support, channel spans entire conveyor width for strength
  • Connecting brackets easily clip together conveyors
  • Fully lockable castors
  • Easy set up
  • Versatility for different applications
Flexible Roller Technical Features
Item Technical Features
Load Transport of goods up to 50 kg/m
Frames Electro-galvanised, stainless steel
Max. Length Up to 25.000 mm
Conveyor Width Up to 1.500 mm
Roller Material Stainless steel, structural steel, alumunium, plastic