Pallet Washing Machines

The pallet washers of Konek Technology are designed and developed to the highest standards to create the best possible cleaning result for cleaning pallets ergonomically. As every food grower and processor knows, it is essential to monitor the hygiene and quality of your products. The Konek Technology palletcleaner or box washingmachine removes organic soiling and eliminates contamination by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our pallet washers are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and incorporate the latest hygienic design principles, making them the ideal investment for a wide range of industries – including logistics, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The pallets are automatically transported through the washing tunnel by a single or double stainless steel chain conveyor. The guiding within the washing system can easily be set to the correct pallet size. Many designs and sizes of pallets can be accommodated, with adjustable guide systems. Various wash cycles are available such as pre-washing, hot detergent wash, final rinse, sanitising rinse and air knife blower systems. The base version of the pallet series consists of a washing section and an after-rinse section. The pallets are cleaned with hot water and detergent in the washing zone. Pallets are cleaned in the main wash zone by nozzles and a powerful and efficient pump, spraying water in a pattern to achieve maximum cleaning results. The powerful, pivoting spray system thoroughly removes contamination. Rotary jetting systems and fixed manifolds are strategically positioned to efficiently clean all surfaces of the pallet – including hard to reach areas, such as the tops of base boards.

After going through the main wash zone, the pallets are rinsed with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent. This water is filtered during the washing process and returned to the water tank, where it is kept at the right temperature and pumped back to the washing nozzles by a heavy-duty stainless steel pump. Thanks to this recovery process the water and energy consumption of these appliances is kept to a minimum. Pallet washers are highly water-efficient and energy-efficient. It is even possible to remove labels from the pallets by means of an optimal high pressure label removal.

The compact and functional design guarantees the minimum consumption of water, energy and chemicals in automatic and flexible system for all the sectors, assuring an effective cleaning process.

All our pallet washers are provided with a PLC with its own control and, all components used are of the highest quality. The speed can be set on the control panel depending on the degree of soiling and the number of crates to be washed. All of the Konek Technology pallet washers can be used as a stand alone machine and can easily be integrated in a line as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Main drive with electronic speed control and mechanical torque control
  • Machine has a robust and solid design in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The stainless steel washing pumps
  • Modular system, so either a stand-alone or several washing zones are possible.
  • Sustainable solution by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption
  • The presence of automatic functions saves energy and detergents and shortens the washing and rinsing time
  • Double spraying system for inside and outside cleaning
  • 360o rotational wash
  • Adjustable washing and rinsing parameters
  • Easy to clean, robust construction, and low maintenance
  • Not just visibly clean, microbiologically clean
  • Easy-to-clean, stainless steel sliding drawer filter
  • Adjustable high-pressure jetting system for improved cleaning performance
  • Nozzle system can be demounted in a few minutes without the use of tools.
  • The drain washing tanks with rounded edges guarantee the highest hygiene and avoid the deposit of dirt.
  • Wide inspection doors give full access to the wash zone.
  • Many functions can be set in line with the customer’s needs: conveyor belt speed, guide to match the shape of items to be washed, temperature of the washing and rinsing water, etc.
  • The standard machines are electrically heated.
  • Water level controlled automatically by an electric valve
  • Low infeed and outfeed height


  • Removal of stickers
  • Automatic dosing of cleaning or disinfecting agents
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Rotary drum filter for larger dirt particles
  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Automatic drain system
  • Drying of pallets
  • Pre-wash and heated rinse options
  • Vapour extraction fan
  • Water heating systems: electric, steam, electric-steam, gas, oil and hot water
  • Single and twin track options
  • Automatic filtration options
  • Vertical or horizontal solution
  • Brushes for rigid soilage on top and bottom surface of pallet
  • Pallet quality checking system
  • Manual or automatic feed options
  • Automatic se-stacking and re-stacking
Pallet Washing Machines
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 600 pallets per hour (depends on pallets size)
Pallet size 1.200 x 1.200 Maksimum (Width x Height)
Spray water pressure 2-4 bar
Spray air pressure 2-4 bar
Water consumptation 2-3 L per pallet (depending on polution)
Installed power Approx. 10 kw
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase