Spin Dome Trimmer

Konek Technology manufactures a broad range of spin trimmers to meet virtually any dome trimming requirements. Lost dome trimming is a technique that allows you to make bottles with lower weight necks. As a result, you save on material, reducing the bottle cost. Therefore, you will be able to save significanly on scrap material costs. This technique is also advisable for bigger neck diameters. Although the machine is suitable for round lost heads only, the bottle body can be oval, square, etc

Use our spin trimmer in both two-step PET blow molding and extrusion blow molding plants. Built with powder-coated steel we increased stability and extended the life expectancy. The trimmers are built to run at very high speeds and handle even the toughest off set neck applications. Our machines is PLC driven and will provide years of service without expensive tooling costs. The spin trimmer can be easily integrated into an existing production line.

The machine consists on a set of rollers, a blade holder specially adapted to the neck of bottles and a stationary, but adjustable, knife. The bottle is rotated by the upper tailpiece, and approached to the cutting blade. The cutting operation is performed while the bottle is revolved tangentially. Chips are ejected from sides. The neck of the bottle is gripped at three points, eliminating the risk of any unwanted movement of the bottle during the trimming operation, thus guaranteeing a perfect cut and sealing surface on all plastic materials.

They are useful for many applications, primarily for milk and dairy products bottled in Polyethylene (PE and HDPE) bottles, although they may be also implemented in blow moulding lines of all types of bottles (food, detergents, cosmetics, chemicals, etc)

Features & Benefits

  • Precise digital temperature controller providing a clean neck finish and longer blade life
  • Quick change blade, height and depth adjustment
  • Long life and re-sharpenable blade
  • Safety guarding and quick bottle jam release
  • Pneumatic blade opening
  • Trims HDPE, PVC, PETE and various other resins.
  • Simplified drive pulley attachment. Fewer parts, lower replacement costs and less downtime
  • Longer life and higher repeatability
  • Blade guard
  • Extended safety guarding with electrical interlock is available.
  • PLC controls with panel mounted user interface
  • Hand wheel adjustment on both the spin trimmer mechanism and the optional product conveyor make adjustment and setup by a single operator both convenient and efficient.
  • Portable design with locking caster wheels


  • Detects bottle mistrims for auto shutdown and auto opening of the trimmer.
  • Infeed screw package, customer mounted. Provides positive bottle alignment before entering trimmer.
  • Can be made to function automatically with optional jam detection for virtually hands free jam clearing.


Bottle Dome Spin Trimmer
Item Technical Features
Working way  Automatic
Approx production Up to 6.000 pcs/h (dependeng on bottle features)
Container volume 1L – 5 L
Diameter of the neck Max. 60-140 mm
Maximum ovality +/- 0,5 mm
Installed power Approx. 1 kw
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase