Rotative Monoblock Liquid Filling Machines

Konek Technology can offer high quality of all types of monoblock filling systems according to the filling products, accuracy and output capacity needed.

Complete rotative liquid filling machine is used to fill liquid and viscous products (cosmetics, household and industrial chemistry, foodstuff, paints and varnishes) from industrial into market containers (bottles, jars, vials, ampullas, tubes) with volume up to 500 ml.

Operating peculiarities of filling line:

  • Containers are fed to the conveyor manually, by means of feeder or turntable
  • Conveyed to the rotary cell; the rotor is manufactured individually

Then by means of turntable containers are moved to process devices where relevant steps are performed consequently.

1. Minibloc Liquid Filling Machine

2. Monobloc Liquid Filling Machine