Magnetic Conveyor

Our magnetic belt conveyor is suitable for various applications, such as magnetic elevator or magnetic lowerator of empty or full cans as well as washing. Manufactured in painted carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction. Our conveyors comply with the quality standards inherent in a food production zone.

Vertical models used with smaller cans while inclined units are furnished for larger diameter filled cans. Filled can elevators have magnetic disc or slider bed horizontal transitions with transfers to conveyors.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom guarding
  • Integration to upstream and downstream conveyor systems
  • Change of belt without dismantling and adjustable tension
  • Customised dimensions and inclines
  • The simple structure reduces the footprint and keeps costs under control
  • The possibility of using pneumatic belt tensioning means there is no need for intervention when the belt gets hot
  • We can also offer protected magnetic pulleys that comply with food contact standards
  • Possibility of including a washing, blowing or steam injection chamber with magnetic field rupture
  • Full or empty can version