Print and Apply Labelling Machines

The labels are applied on the cartons from the side, from the front and across a corner using a special applicator or on group packages including whole palettes. A print and apply labeller automatically prints the required variable information onto a label, such as the product description, expiry dates, batch numbers and barcodes and then applies the label to the product – all in one machine.

Labelling machine, automatic dual-function, models print&apply touch screen adapted for top, side and bottom application on flat, round and conical products.

Print & Apply labellers are designed for cartons, boxes, bottles and other applications.

Konek Technolgy’s labeling machines are built for fast labeling and quick change-overs. With a variety of options including single and dual action swing arms and horizontal and U-arm attachments you will have full flexibility on the application location of your pressure sensitive label.

Features & Benefits

  • Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor belt.
  • 50 products can be stored in memory for recall.
  • No change parts needed for a wide range of containers.
  • Handwheel adjustment for lateral and vertical product set up
  • Easy to integrate into any kind of production line
  • Ribbon and label low or out indicators on front panel
  • User-friendly operating software
  • Left and right-hand designs
  • Servo motors and programmable drives
  • Labeler has all stainless steel parts
  • Print engine, scanner and reject station


  • External signal output kit.
  • Encoder port
  • Ethernet interface
  • Serial port communication
  • Touch screen interface