Neck Handle Applicator Machine

The handles provides the consumer with a simply way to grab, to lift and to carry the bottles with one hand. In addition, it allows to use PET bottles on products when an easy pouring is required. When blow moulding big bottles (> 2L) by the two-stage process, it is impossible to blow a handle into the bottle itself. Therefore, instead of blown handles, you have external plastic handles. A handle applicator applies these. This machine is designed for advanced improved production efficiency and saved manpower and material resources.

Handle applicator performs the insertion of PE neck handles on PET bottles, from 2 to 20 liters. These systems differ from each other by the production they can obtain, considering productions from 1.000 bph to 24.000 bph. The Konek Technology handle applicators systems allow the insertion of neck handles, lateral handles, umbrella handles, and handles buckets for low, medium, and high production rates.

Through its long experience and the widest range in the market, Konek Technology provides solutions for all its customers production needs.

Tis machines are installed in both blow molding and bottling lines (usually after the filling and capping processes). The factory will put bottle handle on the bottle neck for the big volume bottled water, beverage or oil.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy adaptable to existing line
  • Compatible with a large part of commercial plastic handles available on the market
  • Customized solutions available on demand