Robotic Case Packer

The robotic pick and place case packer is an extremely flexible machine designed to pack into cases, display boxes or trays. Konek Technology robotic case packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. Robotic systems excel at completing repetitive tasks quickly and accurately and they also provide a great deal of flexibility for handling different types of products in the same system. Designed to provide maximum flexibility, performance and reliability in an extremely small footprint, the Konek Technology robotic case packer is ideal for the most demanding and space conscious production environments.

Konek Technology’s fully automatic case packing systems require no operator assistance and will erect, load and seal cases independently. The main concept of this equipment is to integrate a robot cell (pick and place) in its production line. Cartons are erected and fed into position where the system will initiate the packing process. In a robotic case packing automated system, products are automatically transferred into the robotic cell via conveyor or sorters and are queued for packing. The products are always grouped and packaged in the same position. The robotic system searches for the products and automatically inserts them in the box. the carton is filled it will be sealed and exit the system. The robot will proceed to continue the packing process with the next container. The cycle repeats until filling the box. All movements are controlled by a PLC. Our robotic case packers account for product irregularities and easily solve orientation challenges thanks to vision guided robotics.

The modular-designed top load robotic case packer system brings several attractive features to customers who are looking to add automation to more efficiently manage their packing needs and sustain their business growth. Its modular design allows you to choose the number of robot stations according to your desired production rates. The robotic case packer is a highly adaptable case packing solution that offers multiple options to match your packaging requirements. Quick change end of arm tooling can prepare the same robot to handle products of varying sizes or shapes. Despite the advanced technology and the high degree of automation, its simplicity of use means that it does not require high personal specialization.

The robotic case packer series is the ideal robotic solution to upgrade your packing operations of food, health care, or industrial products, including:

  • Fresh produce, snacks, confectionery, bakery, and pet food.
  • Cosmetics, health, personal care, and household products.
  • Chemicals, construction, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable head adapts to multiple product sizes.
  • Economical and flexible to suit various application and layout needs.
  • Wide product and case size range that can handle a variety of pack patterns
  • Multiple tray or case configuration
  • Flexibility of production due to quick and easy size change overs
  • Tool-less changeover completed quickly with hand-crank handles.
  • Lightweight tooling (gripping head, loading funnel, etc.) for improved operator ergonomics during size changeovers
  • Servos and drives offer smooth and reliable case packing operation.
  • Precise product positioning
  • Integrated into auto packaging line
  • Reduce operational costs with a compact machine that can also be easily integrated
  • Easy access to all components provides for easy maintenance.
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • User friendly HMI touchscreen control panel allows manual operation of all functions.
  • Intelligent control (PLC) of all machine functions
  • Full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics
  • Vertically compact solution allowing easy installation under low ceilings
  • Combined with a vision system, they can also be used for random and/or mixed product flow picking
  • Short cycle times with high accuracy
  • Multiple robots can be included in the cell to achieve desired packing rates.
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, shelf-ready trays, trays with ledge, stackable cases
  • Combined product collator and loader
  • Ability to load products horizontally or vertically


  • Bar code readers, labellers, ink jet printers and much more can be added.
  • Customized infeed conveyors to handle multiple product types.
  • Automatic size exchange tools for quick format change
  • 2D or 3D vision system for robot guiding and product quality control
  • Systems for detecting product contamination and rejection in terms of integrated quality assurance
  • Variety of container handling options: pneumatic, vacuum or mechanical grippers, depending on product characteristics
  • Layer pad insertion
  • Stainless steel or environmental enhancement packages (Explosion proof e.g.)
  • Clustered or automatic lubrication system
  • Construction is available in dry, washdown, or caustic wash-down options.
  • Optional integration of a case erector / sealer for a complete case packing system
  • Closing of case for optional seal or hot glue
  • Modem for remote connection and troubleshooting available.
  • Inline or right angle product infeed


Robotic Case Packer
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Production speed Up to 1.500 cases per hour (depends on cases size)
Case sizes (L x W x H) Minimum: 140 x 140 x 150 mm / Maximum: 550 x 400 x 600 mm *Other size ranges are available
Construction Standard: Painted, carbon steel Optional: Stainless steel for wash-down applications
Installed power Approx. 8 kw
Air Consumption 150Nl/Min 6 bar
Power Supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase