5 Gallon Bottle Pres-on Capper Machine

Konek Technology cappers are known for their versitility and seamless integration into any automated water-filling process. Konek Technology’s high-speed and fully automated 3, 4 and 5 Gallon inline bottle capper system works with all standard industrial caps for PET and PC returnable bottles.

The bottle takes the cap directly from the canal chute. The snapping of the cap on the bottle neck is carried out through the pressure developed by a belt conveyor, provided with a system to adjust the force in order not to stress the bottle. The cap closing unit is at a pressure that will not cause deformation in the caps during closing.

Cap Hopper Elevator

Our cap hopper elevators are perfect for high-volume productions, and can accomodate any variety of tab-pull or loop-pull caps. The elevators can be customized to fit the dimensions of your system. Elevators can be placed inside or outside of a clean room, and caps can be transported to the cap hopper based upon your specific floor dimensions. The cap elevator is manufactured from AISI304 grade stainless steel. The front cover is made of polycarbonate and the movement of the caps are visible.

Cap Reservoir

The cap reservoir is made of AISI304 quality stainless steel material. The height of cap reservoir is adjustable. The design is realized to safety and hygienic

Cap Chute

Our open style cap chutes were designed with cleanliness and ease-of-use in mind. open design prevents the build up of dust and debris. Our system can accomodate different cap types and sizes. The cap route is designed to prevent pressure and jamming. Our design maximizes consistent feeding into the system, and in the infrequent event of jams or incorrect alignment, the open system allows you to easily access and remove problems to avoid down time. Caps are sanitized prior to application on the bottles.

The cap route is controlled via the sensor. If there is no cap, filling process is stopped and there will be a visual and audio warning alarm.

Features & Benefits

  • Machine has a robust and solid design in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Capping realized with inclined chain conveyor.
  • The pressure will be such that it will not damage the bottle.
  • The cap route is made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Capping conveyor synchronized with the speed of the bottle conveyor.
  • Air feeding at presser-belt and cap-chute
  • Systems can be controlled as stand alone units or tied to filler systems.


  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Multiple bottle size capable
  • De-Sleeve can be chose as optional.
  • Cap chute UV lamp
  • Ionic cap de-dusting mechanism
5 Gallon Bottle Pres-on Capper Machine
Item Technical Features
Working way Automatic
Prodcution speed Up to 200-3.000 bottles per hour
Bottle size 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon
Cap dimensions 58 mm x 40 mm
Air consumptation 10 L/min, Minimum 6 bar
Installed power Approx. 1 kw
Power supply 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3 phase