Packaging Machines

In every business sector, the demand for low cost, simple and quick packaging solutions for small and medium sized products has been constantly growing. The great flexibility of packaging machines, available in a wide range of models, enables to meet several market needs. We provide proven packing solutions for flexible bags, rigid packages, and cartons in many packaging formats and speed ranges. For over 20 years, we have developed, produced and installed automated packing lines across many countries and markets.

The packers are characterised by their modular structure, space-saving design, ease of operation and short set-up times. From optimising line speed, to ease of use, to increasing reliability, to machine footprint, we will deliver the perfect fit for your requirements.

When you work with Konek Technology, you will benefit from our:

  • Engineers and technical staffs who have successfully dealt with virtually every packaging line challenge possible
  • Ability to customize equipment and provide efficient end-of-line packaging integration
  • Extremely rugged construction, resulting in reliable performance for high-speed, 3 shifts packing operations.