Robotic Palletizer

Robotic systems will help designing the best combination of Robot and tools which would give the best solution for each application. Robotic systems designs and builds the gripper according to the product ( size, weight and fragility ) to obtain an optimal response operation. The gripping heads are designed for each specific product type to be handled; they are built with suitable materials to ensure they match the need to handle the weights and loading stresses expected. The heads tightly grip the products but are specifically designed to fit into limited/restricted space available. Robotic systems can offer a productive team that ensures high precision and repeatability of movement for each of its manufacturing lines. The installation can be completed with the automatic movement of pallets, which consists of a pallet warehouse, a conveyor for moving empty pallets from the warehouse to the palletizing area and a conveyor system for full pallets.

The robot palletisers offer a considerably higher flexibility level with respect to the traditional palletisers as they can be adapted to format changes, product changes and sometimes also make adjustments to the line.

From the individual lines the product moves in by belt conveyors for being collated into layers. Depending on the performance requirements and the pallet load pattern, the trays/cases are grouped in either rows, layers. On completion of a row or layer, the robot moves into position for product pickup by its gripper head. Handling semi or complete layers, a servo driven roller layer is used for placing the product. On its move from the collation conveyor towards the pallet, the product is securely hold and centered from both sides. For final placement of the product the roller layer retracts from below. Depending on the performance requirements, the slip sheets can be applied from a dedicated slip sheet feeder or by the palletizing robot itself, with a vacuum suction unit integrated to the gripper head.  Except infeed and outfeed conveyors integration, Konek Technology will also integrate all devices to the robotic cell, such as identification systems, labelling devices, pallet dispenser.

Your Benefits:

  • Possibility of fitting a gripping and depositing device for pallets and/or interlayers.
  • The robot palletising areas are equipped with safety systems to guarantee the safety of the operators and avoid crushing or damage to the external or poorly positioned products.
  • Fast and easy gripping head change.
  • Possibility to control the processing and production data with interface to the company database.
  • Few periodical maintenance due to its construction characteristics.
  • Various grippers available for boxes, totes, packages, bags, bundles, etc. Capable of moving one, multiple to-be-palletized items or complete layers.
  • Can be programmed by the operator to build various layer patterns. Changing from one layer pattern to another is instant.
  • Outstanding position repeatability (± 0.03mm) and very good path accuracy.
  • High quality manufacturing, use of standard and proven equipment maximize reliability.
  • Able to palletize at the same time on multiple pallets. Can pick from multiple infeeds at once.
  • Its very easy to use. All functions are controlled from a touch screen with simple and intuitive menu.
  • Guarded by category 3 emergency circuit. Activated by category 4 safe emergency buttons, safety fence doors and muting light curtains.
  • Designed for minimum maintenance with components that can be easily accessed and with reduced need for support, for example using life-time lubrication.
  • Palletizer and pallet transport come with all required safety features. This includes a complete fence around the machine as well as a secured entry to the palletizing and layer preparation area.