1. Table or Mat Top / Modular Chain Conveyor

A table top conveyor chain is created by joining together a series of slats or links, similar to a bike chain. The simplicity of table tops makes it a very versatile chain for several other types of applications as well.

Our line of table top and mat top conveyors are designed with flexibility to customize the conveyor to the application and customer specification. The conveyors are all available in mild steel (powder coat painted) or stainless steel with various wear strips and return ways to match chain selection. The strips are held in place by a metal frame which is supported by either the floor on legs or suspended from the ceiling on drop down hangers. A variety of upright styles and side rail selections are available to best handle the containers or materials being conveyed. Sanitary conveyor design features are available for high sanitation applications with direct food contact.

You can use multiple lines on a large frame to create a single filer or extra space for product accumulation. More specialized variations of table top chain are used in manipulation devices such as grippers and helical twists.

Features & Benefits

  • Conveyor covers and drip trays where required by the process or product
  • Fully adjustable tool-free side-guides where required
  • Integrated cross-overs from conveyor to conveyor, with no deadplates
  • UHMPE wear strips
  • Easily adjusted legs

     1.1. Flat Chain Belt Conveyor

The most common chain conveyors is a flat chain conveyor. A fitted module belt run around a drive and turning shaft with toothed wheels.

A flat chain conveyor is widely applicable. Belt exists for food environments, oily environments, cold, heat. Flat chain conveyors are being placed in front or behind a machine to bring or to remove a product to the machine, such as a packaging machine or assembly system.

     1.2. Curve Chain Belt Conveyor

The curve chain belt conveyors are used in situations where products need to turn and may not be damaged in any way. A curve chain belt conveyors is also often applied in production lines with high capacity. Most common industries would be distribution centers, industrial printers and sorts. The curve chain conveyors in 90° and 180° curves are deliverable in various belt widths and radiuses.

     1.3. Inclined Belt Conveyor

An elevating chain conveyor is used when bulk goods need to be transported to a higher elevation. The elevating chain conveyors are usually equipped with pushers or corrugated edge to prevent the goods from rolling/sliding back on the conveyor. Mostly the chain conveyors is made with a funnel on both sides to steer or store the products. The funnel is made with a protection to prevent danger.  Applications of elevating bags, plastic lids are only some of the examples.