Industrial Washing Machines

We provide solutions for food and non-food manufacturing companies in the areas of the cleaning of containers and the cleaning of parts using our industrial washing systems based on our production and supplier programme. Our industrial washing systems clean load carriers, crates, pallets or boxes. All washing machines can be classified as either conveyor type or single tank machines. All appliances are also built and inspected according to the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements.

Washing machines come in a variety of forms, generally being built for the cleaning of a specific type of item. A variety of options and additional equipment is available with each model. Save power, water and chemicals without compromising on a quality clean.

These machines must be looked after and maintained with; regular cleaning including the filters, the changing of the wash solutions, the inspection of rinse nozzles and control & monitoring of detergent temperatures and strengths.

All Konek Technology industrial washers feature adjustable nozzles, sideguards and hold-down attachments to accommodate a wide range of products and deliver superior cleaning results.