Side-Grip Conveyor

Sometimes there is not enough space to use a standard incline or decline conveyor, even with cleats or high friction inserts. In these cases a gripper could be the best option to get your product where it needs to go. This system ensures a change of level during the transfer of your containers (non-magnetic cans, jars, and glass and PET bottles).

Products enter the elevator/lowerator in single file in the upright position. The product is gently, but firmly, gripped by the sides and carried through the change in elevation at speeds with suitable speeds. High speed models include turn discs to reduce friction factors and chain pull. The units can be configured in both “S” and “C” configurations and can be used to invert containers for container rinsing applications. Side grippers are a soft, pliable material, guaranteed not to damage your container. Grippers operate by grabbing a product on its side using a table top conveyor chain with rubber bulb inserts. Adjustable width models with hand wheel adjustments are common conveyor designs. By making the spacing between the chains adjustable, a range of products sizes can be accommodated.

The unique operation of a gripper means that it can also function as a variety of devices. Air cleaning and water rinsers are among the applications available. Manufactured in painted carbon steel and stainless steel construction.

Features & Benefits

  • No-tool simple, quick changeover
  • Quick product changeover
  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Very small footprint allows integration into existing line layouts
  • Handling a variety of containers without change parts
  • Container stability throughout elevation change
  • Suitable for PET, glass, aluminium or steel containers
  • This machine is automatic and it does not require the permanent presence of an operator
  • The rapid format changeover can be fully automated
  • Maximum load 10 kg/m
  • Set the product interval at the infeed using a timing screw
  • Control panels with pre-wired motors and controls
  • Custom guarding
  • Integration to upstream and downstream conveyor systems