Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum style elevators and lowerators are used to incline or decline products generally aluminum or plastic containers. They can be provided in various configurations and used for both single lane and mass conveyance. Cans are carried on perforated plastic chain. Vacuum conveyors use a high volume blower to generate the air flow in order to stabilize the containers to the chain during conveyance. Filtered blower is mounted on a separate frame along side the conveyor with a dampered duct.

Manufactured in painted carbon steel and stainless steel construction. Custom frame configurations are available to fit any plant layout or application too.

Features & Benefits

  • Polypropylene perforated modular plastic belting and machined UHMW chain guides ensure long wear life.
  • Eco-friendly and high-efficiency low-noise blowers.
  • Custom motor drive packages to fit any specifications
  • Simple pneumatic changeover for varying can heights.
  • Significant elevation changes in minimal floor space.
  • Variety of chain widths available to suit the application.
  • Control panels with pre-wired motors and controls
  • Custom guarding
  • Integration to upstream and downstream conveyor systems